Daily maintenance for baseball gloves


You have to clean your gloves before maintenance. You can use a small brush to gently brush the mud and sand off. Then wipe the gloves with a towel to ensure that your glove is cleaned.


Put your gloves in ventilated place about one day to dry in the shade. Don not expose it under the scorching sun or dry it by hair drier. The direct sunlight will harden the gloves and shorten its using time.

3.Apply the leather preserving oil

After your cleaning, you have to apply leather preserving oil to your gloves. Instead of brightening your gloves, leather preserving oil aims to maintain baseball glove’s tenacity and elasticity so as to easily catch ball.

4.Shape the gloves

 The gloves should be ventilated for one day after being oiled.

Put a ball in the glove’s ball socket and tie it with a bandage, shaping like catching a ball. This is aim to keep the glove’s shape.

 (Or make your glove shaped by a ball acting as catching after being oiled, then take the ball out. One week later, apply a layer of leather preserving and shaping oil to your glove after making sure that the leather preserving oil is completely dry.)

Note: Don’t use the leather preserving oil too often. And the oil should be thin rather than thick on your glove.

The oil should be mainly applied to the leather of center palm, on which is the place severely rubbed by baseball. 

Laces the second. Leather preserving oil will keep the glove laces from breaking easily