Read Before You Customize A Logo On Your Pamtaw Gloves

Customize Logotype On Your Pamtaw Glove

  • Due to the space limitation and the difficulty of handcrafting, we are unable to customize a logo with text on the ''Wrist'' and ''Thumb''. 

  • Pure text logo is limited to 4 letters for the ''Wrist'' and 2 letters to the ''Thumb''(vertical or horizontal). 


Customized Logo File Requirements

  • The clarity (image resolution) of the file you upload will affect how good it looks on your glove directly. It is not manufacturable if it's not clear enough.

  • The file size of the logo you upload should be no more than 2M.


  • Customized logos are all embroidered.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact us.

Thank you for understanding!