How To Choose Your Baseball Cleats

Sporting equipment is always one of the most influential factors in an athlete’s performance, especially in Baseball. 

In addition, factors like your position, play style, or the type of field you step on should all be taken into consideration when selecting your gears.

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Choosing a suitable pair of baseball cleats will definitely be an improvement. It will provide you with the mobility and protection that you need during the game or practice. 


We will go through the differences between each type of baseball cleat, and you will know how to pick the best one for yourself.

Metal Cleat

Metal Cleet.png

The metal cleat is the most common type used in the professional league. It provides the best traction, which allows you to catch the field of hard dirt or grass. However, the metal cleat is not always allowed due to the possibility of damaging certain types of fields. Some youth leagues forbid it because of how dangerous it can be as well.

Molded Cleat

Molded Cleet.png

Molded/Plastic cleat suits all sorts of play but with less traction compared to the metal cleat. It is perfect for starters who are younger or not playing in highly competitive games. 

Turf Shoes


The turf shoes are mostly used for training but generally suits all scenarios. The much smaller stud will not hurt the field and is more stable than regular sneakers.

Aside from the material, the cut length also differentiates baseball cleats with the level of protection and mobility. A mid-Top cleat gives you more protection around your ankle, while a low-top one provides the most mobility. Thus, think over your position, body size, and play style are prioritized before you select a certain cut length. For instance, if you are a shortstop or second base who needs the mobility during most of the game, low-top might be a better choice. cleat tops.png