The leathers of baseball glove

There are many various kinds of your glove’s leather. And performance and function varies from leather to leather, as well. We can classify the materials for making baseball gloves into three categories: PVC, PU and natural leather.


PVC is a kind of artificial leather or plastic, which can replace the nature leather to certain degree for the similar appearance and hand feeling. As the PVC is synonym with plastic in some way, it is light and convenient but easy to be deformed, especially when you catch a hard ball. And players get hurt easy because of its awful buffering performance. So the PVC baseball leather is more suitable for preschool players.

2.PU leather

The Pu leather is a collective name of the PU artificial leather and PU synthetic leather. Compared with PVC leather, the PU leather is thicker and a sort of more ideal substitute for natural leather or real leather, though a kind of plastic the PU leather is. Relative speaking, the flexibility and durability of PU leather baseball gloves are better than the PVC’s. Basically, young children can use the PU leather baseball glove for playing, but not the best choice.

3.Natural leather 

Kip Leather

As for natural leather, I would like to talk about the KIP leather, and the Pamtaw’s baseball gloves mainly use the Japanese KIP leather. The kip leather is made of the calf, which only ages 6 months or 12 months, or 18 months according to people. The kip leather is the premium material for making gloves and features extremely light-weight while shows us its highly performance on flexibility and durability. In addition, the kip leather has very smooth appearance and hand feeling for its tight fiber and fine pores. So this kind of leather is very suitable for customizing people’s own baseball gloves.

Natural leather is made of first layer of animal skin in most cases and we can see the grain surface of the leather. Usually, there are four major animal leathers for baseball gloves in the market: cow leather, pigskin leather, deerskin leather and kangaroo leather.

Cow leather

 Cow leather is the most common leather for making baseball gloves. This kind of leather is smooth for featuring fine and even pores while has excellent performance on flexibility, elasticity, buffering and durability. Besides, it will take a long time for players to break in with a new one. This kind of gloves is very professional.

Pigskin leather

    This is maybe the best option for softball players and for children as well for its soft feelings and excellent damping effects. And its performance on elasticity, flexibility is far worse than the cow leather baseball gloves. In addition, it is more suitable for inlaying material。

From the perspective of their durability and comfortability, the order from weak to strong can be concluded right under the following:

Synthetic leather (PVC&PU)< Pigskin leather< cow leather<Kip leather

Hope above information can help you.