How to select the right size for your gloves?

Distinction between the teenager and the adult for their respective position

common size for adult

Infield player: 11 inches to 11.75 inches. Pitcher: 11.75 inches to 12.25 inches. Outfield player: 12.25 inches to 13 inches

Common size for teenagers:

Infield player: 11 inches, 11.25 inches. Pitcher: 11.5 inches

Outfield player: 11.75 inches, 12 inches

As we see the size of glove for the teenager and the adult in the position of the infield and the outfield is totally different, from which the adults is more lager than the teenagers. The glove size for the teenager is no more than 12 inches. To some cases, the teenager and the adult have same sizes for their glove. Does this mean that the size for the teenager is also suitable for the adult? OF COURSE NOT. Actuallyfor the same size of the gloves, the space of inside fingers concerns the most to distinguish the teenager and the adults glove.

The gloves size is measured from the top of the index of the palm side to the bottom heel of the Palm, and the soft ruler has to stick to the palm when you are measuring.


Why usually is the size of the outfield gloves bigger than the infield gloves?


Because the infield gloves, the smaller one, is easy to catch the ball because of the faster speed and shorter reaction time defined by their shorter distance from the batter. While the outfield glove needs bigger size to extend its defensive range.