Social Media reacts to MLB Lockout

  • MLB owners and players failed on coming up to an new CBA(Collective Bargaining Agreement) before the deadline on Monday, Feb 28th.

  • Rob Manfred, the commissioner of MLB, announced a press conference on Tuesday afternoon:

Manfred MLB.png

"I had hoped against hope I wouldn't have to have this press conference where I am going to cancel some regular season games," Manfred said.  "We worked hard to avoid an outcome that's bad for our fans, bad for our players, and bad for our clubs. Our failure to reach an agreement was not due to a lack of effort  by either party." 

"Today is a sad day. We came to Florida to navigate and negotiate for a fair collective bargaining agreement. Despite meeting daily, there is still significant work to be done," MLBPA executive Tony Clark said Tuesday. "The reason we are not playing is simple: a lockout is the ultimate economic weapon. In a $10 billion dollar industry, the owners have decided to use this weapon against the greatest asset they have: the players."

      • Manfred also mentioned that the first two series of 2022 season will be cancelled.

      • Here are some of the reactions' screenshots on social media: